Terms and Conditions:

  1. Client must provide the following items, by email or fax, or advise in writing/email if any item(s) not available:
    • Lease or Rental Agreement
    • Ledger or tenant payment history
    • Rental Application (court and sheriff may eventually need tenant DOB/SSN)
    • Eviction Notice / Unlawful Detainer Notice – IF one has been served
    • Eviction Intake Sheet
  2. If NEW/ 1st time client, must pay $49 case review fee. If work is accepted, this $49 will be credited to future work.
  3. If CONSULTATION ONLY is needed, client will pay $49 consultation fee. Within 24 hours, a 15 minute telephone consultation will be scheduled* by phone or email for a mutually convenient time (*actual consultation may take place after this 24 hour period but will be scheduled as soon as possible). If further work is scheduled, this $49 will be credited to future work.